Different Exterior House Painting Schemes

23 studeni 2012

Exterior house painting job requires a lot of planning and careful research before commencing. Your house will lose all its beauty when you end up selecting the wrong color scheme. Taking valuable advice from professional painters will help you arrive at wise decisions and make your house look one among the elegant ones in the neighborhood. So, make sure to do a lot of planning while choosing the right exterior house painting scheme for your home. Here we shall discuss about the four specific color schemes that you can choose for bringing out the appeal of your home:

• Single Colored Exterior House Painting Scheme: This house painting pattern is also known as monochromatic scheme and is commonly adopted my many. A single color is chosen for painting the exteriors together with some other shades of the same color for the purpose of highlighting. So, if you are trying to play safe, this is one of the safest options that gives priority to a single color, making your house look perfect.

• Complementary Exterior House Painting Scheme: If you are trying to experiment with colors, this house painting pattern definitely will be the right option for you. You can experiment with 2 complementary colors for painting the exteriors. The two opposite colors in a palette spectrum are known as complementary colors. Your house looks lively and sparks at the combination of two different shades, of which one is a dominant color and the other is a bright color.

• Tricolored Exterior House Painting Scheme: In this pattern, three colors are used that are in equal distance in the palette spectrum. Since you can end messing up, it is very important that you seek professional help while choosing the colors. Your house will either look too dull or too vibrant without professional advice. On the other hand your house will look highly attractive, sparkling, brilliant and beautiful when you choose the perfect color scheme.

• Analogous Exterior House Painting Scheme: This exterior painting pattern is also known as adjacent house exterior paint scheme. In this pattern, adjacent colors in a color wheel are chosen. While many colors are used for highlighting purpose, one prominent color is used. Even this is a tricky pattern, however not as complicated as the tricolor scheme, as you can get a perfect harmony between the chosen colors.

So, if you are trying to revive the looks of your home, it is essential that you choose the right color pattern. Along with considering the color scheme, it is also important that you concentrate on the quality of paint, season, budget and seek professional help for getting the best results. Consulting the exterior house painting experts will help you to arrive at the right conclusion and decide what’s best for your home. You can search for the painting contractors online and see your house transforming with the best quality paints.

This article was written by Adrienne Melser, on behalf of RhinoShieldin, offering you the best solution for interior and exterior painting. To know about the preparations you take before painting the exteriors of your home, you may visit About.com.

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